Texas Press Clipping Bureau is a full-service print, broadcast and online monitoring resource for local, regional, national, and international media. Since 1910, Texas Press Clipping Bureau has served the news monitoring needs of companies and organizations that track press releases, follow ad campaigns, perform public relations audits, track competitors, research market trends, and much more. Though located in Dallas, our reach is global. We are committed to providing you with easily accessible up-to-date information that you require. You define your scope of interest and our staff ensures the relevancy and accuracy of your portfolio. We are not just a news aggregation service; we hand-pick the real materials that will benefit your business. By professionally and personally managing your information, you will discover the conversation about you and your industry and be able to dive in well-prepared.

Our History

Texas Press Clipping Bureau was created in 1910 by Frances Edith Calahan. The company expanded when William Henderson Kittrell joined the team. Kittrell, a well connected member of the Democratic party and part-time lobbyist, began to sell clippings to political candidates. Sadly in 1966, he passed away as a well respected member of the community, having had relationships with many influential members of government including President JFK. (See picture in gallery below) TPCB still carries on Kittrell's public relations tradition to this day. We still assist politicians in monitoring their media exposure, as well as a great many other individuals for their business, their events, or their brands. We have evolved from the original idea of a 'clipping bureau' and function as a fully comprehensive media monitoring group. That means we use all the new gizmos (computers and software) but still cover all the old gadgets (ink on paper). We are proud to work with you as a Texas-based veteran-owned business and are registered on the TX Centralized Master Bidders List.
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