List of Services

All of our services can be mixed and matched for your perfect portfolio.

No Contract Required


Covering all the regions you need, we offer
monitoring services of the print news
sources from our professional human
readers, not computer generated algorithms.


Your portfolio can include coverage from the
thousands of news broadcast networks and
outlets that matter to you. Search and
delivery options vary from static summary
reporting via PDFs or temporarily viewable
or downloadable video clips.


Covering daily web only sources can include
all the op-eds, blogs, and articles that never
touch paper. We will also track the social
media networks for additional mentions of
your portfolio searches. All of your delivery
options can be simplified through our online media monitoring portal.

Value reporting - Using current rates of advertising, we aim to give you the whole picture of your exposure with owned, earned and paid
media. The dollar amounts put language to the methods you will use and will help you decide how to best manage your public relations

Press Release Distribution - We can assist you in sharing your press releases and guaranteeing that they are received by relevant sources that
will publish your story. Many current media services claim they do this, yet instead of sending your press release to those who will publish it,
they blast the page to anyone and everyone. More often than not, these are simply disregarded and your release is tossed away. We will be
sure your press release lands in the right hands with the right intent.

Online Portal Access - Our portal simplifies all the delivery options of your portfolio. Digitized records of coverage are available in our Media
Monitoring Portal
that allow you 24 hour easy access. Tutorials are available if needed. The portal allows you digital versions of all the forms
of media you require, print, online and even broadcast clips.

Clip Mounting - Print will never go out of style. Therefore, we still offer traditional paper versions of your coverage.

CD/DVD Compilations - Any broadcast footage you require a physical copy of can be compiled for you in a CD/DVD format. The frequency you
receive them is up to you.

Special Event Coverage - We can help you monitor coverage of a specific special event on all types of media if you need without a long-term
contract. Time restrictions do apply.

Research Services - If you have an interest in an industry trend, topic, or event specific to a time frame in the past, we can work with you to
develop the scope and the parameters of your project. Retroactively searching will give you some perspective and only add to your business