Print Monitoring Services /Print Monitoring Services for Businesses

Print Monitoring Services for Businesses

We are not just an algorithm.
We are the only media monitoring service that will provide you with print coverage.

We read the local, state, and nationals

And track dailies, weeklies, & monthlies

And even cover the papers that don't have online versions

We provide the article originals, PDFs, and permalinks

Your delivery methods are streamlined with our
unique Client Portal!

No Long-Term Contracts Required!

Subscriptions Are Always Changing!

We subscribe to as many newspapers and
periodicals as necessary

If your business requires a print resource we currently do not monitor, we will be sure to add whatever you need

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We also offer services to digitize the print resources you already do have!
Prices contingent on the
scope of the project.

You can receive extra bonuses with 6 month and 12 month agreements

Bundle your print monitoring choices to save! Call or click for a quote!

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