Frequently Asked Questions

What is a media monitoring service?

A media monitoring service is a tool, much like your computer or calculator or cell phone, which can help you gather business intelligence from multiple news sources. An effective media monitoring service is one that is individually tailored to search out the precise information you need, whether it be industry news, general market trends, or individual company news.

At Texas Press, we have no set service packages because what you need to know is unique to your organization. Though we specialize in Texas media, our service doesn't stop at our borders. We offer state-by-state, national and international media monitoring as well. Let us know your needs and we will customize the service to meet those needs.

Why would I use a media monitoring service?

Because each medium of information has its own unique audience, you need to know what appears in each one to truly evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts.

Professionals in public relations, public affairs, corporate communications, news, or marketing departments all rely on business knowledge to do their job. The intelligence gained from media results can provide independent data for marketing strategies, campaign successes, and contributions to the industry. You can identify contacts, major players, and experts in the field. It can chronicle your progress. It can track your exposure and document your organization's legacy.